D1 Social Media

Social Media Index

Index is calculated based on total likes/followers per enrollment. Penalties are applied for not having all three accounts and not having the same username on all acounts.
1 104.2060United States Military Academy (Army)
2 100.7970University of Oregon
3 72.8171United States Naval Academy (Navy)
4 54.9026University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill
5 52.6181University of Notre Dame
6 49.1894University of Kentucky
7 48.5190University of Georgia
8 47.9590University of Miami
9 45.3738Ohio State University
10 44.1344University of Nebraska
11 41.7530University of Louisville
12 41.7213University of Florida
13 40.3842University of Alabama
14 38.7439Duke University
15 38.6724University of Arkansas
16 36.4148University of Texas at Austin
17 34.4543Houston Baptist University
18 34.2272Auburn University
19 31.0964University of Oklahoma
20 30.9437University of South Carolina
21 30.6353University of Wisconsin
22 27.1356University of Iowa
23 27.0449Butler University
24 25.9418Saint Peter's University
25 25.8044Syracuse University
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